Lemonchois, Beaudry (Abstract)

Cultural approach and aesthetic experience : A case study in teacher initial education

Myriam LEMONCHOIS(1) & Marie-Christine BEAUDRY(2)

(1) Université de Montréal - (2) Université du Québec à Montréal

This article presents the status of our inquiry when it comes to cultural process in arts and literature, to foster the aesthetic experience of students, through confronting the student’s experience to the cultural objects, which will allow him or her to decide what to do with them. Our inquiry come from an exploratory research done throughout a recently created course in the preschool/primary school teaching degree at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), that involves students in cultural projects with artists, authors, or scientists. The basis of this research relies on the definition of culture by Dumont (1968) and Bruner (2000), and on a non-dualistic conception inspired by Dewey (2010). This research studies the impact of said projects on the appropriation by future teachers of a cultural process, through interviews done with lecturers assigned to this course. Its conclusions brought us more questions than answers. Once we have presented our research’s results, we will discuss them starting with the following question: How can arts or literature didactic adopt a cultural process, which will allow students to live an aesthetic experience?

Keywords : Cultural approach, aesthetic experience, literature didactic, arts didactic

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