Espinassy (Abstract)

Creative amazement. Language practices  and Visual arts teaching


Aix Marseille Université, ENS Lyon, ADEF EA 4671

Assuming a Vygotskian perspective, we are talking about the effectiveness of a visual arts lesson based, on the one hand, on the tensioning operation between the event created by the teacher’working proposal in the classroom, and, on the other, on the importance attached to the pupils story telling, so that they can gradually articulate saying, thinking and doing in shared plastic art project and aesthetic experience. We focuse on the way the students are embracing, with the help of teacher, a verbal statement and are negotiating it in a multi-modal environment (material, spatial, lingistical, cultural,…), to provide plastical answers to the problem. Our attention is focused on this semiotic complex, and we support the assumption that the relationship between affects and activity is driving the student’s creative impulse.

Keywords : Visual arts teaching, Linguistic interactions, Affects, Activity, Creativity, Shared experience, Community of discourse.

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